Thursday evening Class

April 19, 2018


Thursday evening Class A Gross: 1. (tie) Jeff Dutch, Randy Berry 39, Net: 1. (tie) Terry Whitney, Harvey Peterson, Greg McDaniel 33, 4. ThankCodyHi ddgnclgHere’s my personal opinion on Puget Systems, based on one of my friend’s experiences with them. Puget systems recommended an upgrade to the CPU based on the possibility of video editing in the future, and suggested a trade off in hard disk configuration to make it cost about the same (actually slightly less.) Throughout the building process, my friend emailed Puget and their response was very fast. Those guys also modified the standard system testing to include the VIVO of the graphics card.

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“I was happy with my decision to come to Denver and I loved the coaching staff that recruited me Steve Miller, (David) Lassonde and Gwozdecky,” Ausmus said. “I felt comfortable with them. But when they left. To begin, there was AMD and Nvidia. Both companies were given the playbook in as much detail as possible each step of the way. In return, they weighed in with feedback, blessed the methodologies and, to our delight, sent representatives to attend.

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They lost their captain, Zach Parise, to free agency, and didn’t replace him adequately. They got in trouble for attempting to beat the salary cap system with a 15 year contract offer for Ilya Kovalchuk that offered him big money for three years and then a steady decrease until he would be on about $20 in his final year (aged 41). Kovalchuk lasted one season with the Devils before “retiring” and then turning up in Russia.

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