plurality of tactics

April 19, 2018


The key question now remains: Was the “violence” Wednesday night justified? I am of the opinion that it was the plurality of tactics employed Wednesday evening that contributed to the success of the cancellation of the talk. I merely wish to offer some thoughts in hope of reframing the dominant narrative. I urge you to consider whether damaging the windows of places like banks and the Amazon student store constitutes “violence” and, if so, what weight this “violence” carries in the context of the symbolic, structural and actual violence that is proposed, condoned and actioned by the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos and his supporters..

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Last but mot least, autographed sports memorabilia are perfect for the sports fanatic. With all the auction websites nowadays you are sure to find something great. There is a catch however. Jensen, the other vocalist/percussionist in Rumelia, studied many instruments as a youngster. “I got into Balkan and Middle Eastern music while studying at the College of Santa Fe and was instantly hooked by the unique sound. I love folk music all around; the basic humanness of the topics love, life, loss resonate with me on a deep level.”.

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