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October 11, 2013


The art of discount moncler jackets losing well

Why does Hillary continue to run, when the odds against her winning the Democratic Party’s nomination are so slim? Perhaps it’s because she truly believes she moncler chicago is the moncler outlet kids best person to be the next President of the United States. Perhaps it’s because she is convinced that, with continued determination, she can succeed at this formidable task. But the reason could be much simpler.

She may consider moncler jackets canada losing to be a form of personal failure.

cheap moncler coats If so, she is clearly not alone in feeling this way. We live in a culture that celebrates winners and chastises losers. “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing” might well be the unofficial motto of this country. Indeed, everyone loves a winner, but losers are viewed with scorn and derision. This moncler outlet store is more than unfortunate; it’s unfair. I will argue that we should rethink losing and that we ought to embrace our losses, rather than run moncler jackets outlet online from them.


moncler outlet store UCLA football coach Henry “Red” Sanders (who, not Vince Lombardi, coined the expression) was mistaken in holding winning to be “the only thing.” No one would rationally moncler jackets cheap want to live in a world in which winning is our sole objective. There are other considerations that are as, or Discount Moncler Coats more, important than winning, whether the subject is football, corporate management, dating, or any other social activity.

cheap moncler jackets The five Moncler Outlet online fundamental principles of ethics are:

cheap moncler sale If winning were truly “the only thing”, then there would be no problem with hurting other people, cheating, lying, or stealing to achieve this objective. As we’ve seen too moncler coats for kids often over the past several years, however, the politicians, CEO’s, and moncler jackets on sale athletes who have made a fetish out of winning at all costs have lost their moncler jackets outlet careers, their marriages, their reputations, and sometimes even their freedom. The outrage over steroid use in baseball is fueled by the recognition that winning at the expense of fairness is just plain wrong. Getting rich by destroying the pensions of one’s own employees is, as Enron’s Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling discovered, winning at its worst.

cheap moncler There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the idea of winning, but if we ignore cheap moncler coats for women the ethical responsibilities of avoiding harm, being honest, and treating others fairly, we will forfeit the most important thing of all: our own Official Moncler Outlet integrity.


moncler outlet sale With the above considerations in mind, I propose the moncler outlet ny following rules for rising to the challenge when you don’t reach a goal you’re trying to achieve:

monlcer down jackets 1. BE ANGRYBUT moncler coats outlet NOT FOR TOO LONG. It’s understandable to be upset when you lose, but dwelling on the loss, obsessing over it, moncler jacket online or making it the focus of your life is more hurtful than helpful. moncler outlet location As difficult as it may be to deal effectively with anger in every situation, it moncler jackets is in your own interest not to let anger get the best of you.

2. ACCEPT REALITY. We often tell ourselves, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” moncler jackets mens Unfortunately, we moncler outlets uk have less control over our lives than we’d like to believe, and there is nothing we can do to moncler outlet canada alter this. There is such a thing as a zeitgeist (literally “spirit of the times”), and all the determination in the world cannot make other people do, say, or vote for something if they don’t want to. It should lessen the blow to realize that there is only so much we can do to affect the change we seek.

moncler mens jackets 3. LOOK FOR THE LESSON. Yes, we learn by winning. (Think about how you surprised yourself the last time you accomplished something you thought would be too difficult to achieve.) But we also learn by losing, if we have the courage to pay attention. In looking honestly at a failed attempt to get a job or develop a romantic relationship, the lesson could be that we need to rethink our approach, or that we need to change something about ourselves. The best way to succeed next time, or to learn how to handle defeat better, is to find the lesson from our loss and take it to heart.

moncler outlet 4. CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK. The ethical responsibilities to be fair and compassionate apply to how we treat ourselves, not just others. Berating yourself for losing isn’t a kind or decent way to treat yourself, and doing so prevents you from getting back into action, which can lead to further losses.

5. KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE. How many successful people do you know who are burdened by the weight of their past failures? If you let losing get the best of you, it will be all but impossible to go forward. Allow yourself to feel angry, but accept reality, learn from the experience, don’t be too hard on yourself, and move on.

cheap moncler outlet moncler coats cheap These guidelines are intended to help you make the best of a losing situation. Let’s moncler outlets usa not forget, though, that the first order of business after losing is to congratulate the winner. Anyone can win. It takes a person of courage and grace to accept defeat and honor the victor. Such a person is will move beyond loss and emerge a stronger and better personand be a true winner.

buy moncler cheap moncler jackets outlet jackets Maybe if everyone wasn trying to bully Hillary out of the race every single day for months.

moncler outlet online This speech was for her supporters who are feeling robbed. Have you people no insight at all?

Driving home tonight, listening to Hillary speak, I realized just how far she had allowed her moncler outlet woodbury ego to go. The entire discussion was wrapped around her, with very little about buy moncler jackets toronto the reality of her losing to a candidate who ran a more successful campaign. No intentions of party unity. No perceptions of reality. If Obama considers her in moncler jackets men the least for the Vice Presidency, she would be a cancer from within, with her holding a constant candle for the presidency.

We need you to take a step back this is not about you moncler coats or your husband this election is about the american people, release us from bondage, you are leaving a big sore. you think of nothing but yourself and what you can get out of it, you said your mother birthday is tomorrow well give her a big moncler jacket outlet present by showing her she taught you something and that how to lose moncler jackets for women and step back. You gave it your best, rules are rules and you are discount moncler outlet the loser not the winner. we want to move forward and rise above you and your husband tactics. PLEASE GO HOME

I am upset with the way H. Clinton is handling her loss. The bulldog clenched teeth hold she has on this democrat nomination with her 18m and refusal to concede, moncler outlet online store is beginning to look like she can believe a man of color beat her. She is beginning to be a thorn in my flesh.

moncler sale outlet I now believe if Obama chooses H. Clinton he will need to watch his back at all times. She will try to sabotage him as a president. But then cheap moncler jackets again the saying goes; you should keep your enemies close so you know where they are moncler coats sale at all times.

What did the blogger mean by her [Hillary] time to adjust. This should have been moncler coats for women her night. If Hillary is as much of a leader as she like us to think she is, she ought to be rising above and beyond what to me sounds like the female the most sensitive gender who has to be given time to adjust because of her sensibilities. I thought all along that Hillary while it can be denied she a woman wanted to be of the guys in a lot of ways. It seems to me that when it convenient for Hillary to be tough as the guys, and when it convenient for her to be woman and you know how sensitive a woman is, she manipulating our perception of who she is. In my view, I believe this makes Hillary inauthentic. We need an authentic leader whether winner or loser whether male or female and for me, Obama represents the authenticity I haven seen in a politician in a heck of a long time. I a child of the 60 and as an 18 year old, I was youthfully enthusiastic and excited about seeing John F. Kennedy elected as President. Now, as a woman my 60 instead, it the first time I felt that same youthful enthusiasm and excitement about seeing Barack Obama elected as President.

Also I thought it was interesting how the political team was talking about a generation gap that was voting for different candidates. I would like to moncler coats for men point out that the age group of 18 24 is the 9/11 group. To me I choose Obama because he confirmed what the youth vote knew. The republicans always use fear to get the votes. He would not do that. Many of my friends that voted for Obama moncler coats for cheap agree with me cheap moncler that Hillary Clinton stance on Iran sounded too much like McCain. Fear again.

moncler sale The 9/11 Moncler Factory Outlet generation started High school with the 2000 election debacle. Went through 9/11 watching the terror unfold on our classroom TVs. We also went through Afghanistan and then Iraq. moncler jackets kids Now as we leave or enter collage we are faced with a crumbling economy and rising costs. What do we do next.

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