It's Getting Cloud-ier by the Minute

May 20, 2011


It’s Getting Cloud-ier by the Minute
With Apologies to Rudyard Kipling

Microsoft once ruled the roost when Windows was the only game in town

Then Apple computer proved it’s OS was going to be the crown jewel and renowned

While pre-occupied with each other, Google came up with another (Operating System That Is)

And the Chromebook saw the light of day, whilst the Microsoft and Apple Execs were out to play (probably Golf)

So the computing horizon is filled with clouds, co-exsisting with tons of applications and data

While the Chromebook loads up in 5 seconds, Windows 7 still struggles to get booted and the blue screens say LATER!

Serge and Larry are not confused, its Bill and Steve who really got used (this time).

The moral of this tech tale can be told

The power of the computer is still an amazing thing to behold

But it’s better to fund your business with advertisements than with overpriced hardware and operating systems that have been paid for a zillion times over

The Google guys say don’t be Evil; but it’s Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer who are about ready to to a Knevil (Over the Chromebook)

Who Needs (Expensive) Operating Systems Anyway?

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