If you have fairness and truth, you have people confidence

April 18, 2018


left sees support for Monti holding

ROME (Reuters) Italy new Prime Minister Mario Monti will retain public support as long as the tough austerity measures his technocrat government is expected to push through are shared out buy canada goose jacket fairly, the head of the largest center left party said on canadian goose jacket Tuesday.

Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Monti talks on the phone during a vote of confidence at the Lower House of Parliament in Rome, in this file photo taken November 18, 2011. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

Pier Luigi cheap Canada Goose Bersani, head of canada goose clearance the Democratic Party, said the experience of past administrations had shown that Italians were prepared to accept big sacrifices as long as they were canada goose deals justified and properly explained.

if there was something of a effect when the Monti government appeared, the very wide public support you saw wasn because people expected sweets and presents, he told Reuters. are looking for fairness and truth. If you have fairness and truth, you have people confidence.

Monti was appointed last week at canada goose replica the head of a government Canada Goose Outlet of academics, civil servants and administrators to succeed Silvio Berlusconi after the scandal plagued prime minister lost his parliamentary majority.

With images still vivid of riots in Athens and Rome in recent months, financial markets have been watching anxiously to see whether the new technocrat governments in canada goose Italy and Greece have sufficient public support to pass painful reforms.

The former European Commissioner has warned Italy to expect sacrifices on the way to restoring public finances and regaining more info lost international credibility in the face of a mounting crisis which has sent borrowing costs soaring to untenable levels. [nL5E7LR1WL]

But Canada Goose Online he has also made one of the three priorities, along with budget rigor and moves to canada goose outlet toronto factory encourage growth in Italy sluggish economy.

see Canada Goose Coats On Sale that the canadagoose-coats problems are hard but I don see the problem in winning consensus as long as Canada Goose Parka the measures Monti is talking about buy canada goose jacket cheap are equitable and give the feeling that this is a shared sacrifice, Bersani said.

SUPPORT Raising the effective pension age, loosening job protection measures and new taxes are all under discussion and Monti will need to retain the support of a fractious parliament to remain in power until the next scheduled election in 2013.

Bersani dismissed fears that the center left may balk at canada goose coats on sale some of the measures, most demanded by Italy European partners, canada goose black friday sale and said they were generally seen as necessary.

are ready to back the basic conditions, balancing the budget, growth but I think that in the next few weeks we see that Italy, as it has on other occasions, is in a position to meet these conditions on its own criteria.

He said Monti appointment had visibly changed the canada goose coats climate of Italian politics from the bitter divisions of just canada goose store two weeks ago canada goose outlet store locations and led to an improvement in its international image.

think it obvious that with this government we are regaining our place in Europe, he said, a day before Monti meets German Canada Goose Jackets Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Strasbourg.

According to a survey by pollsters Piepoli in the La Stampa daily on Wednesday, 73 percent of Italians have confidence in the new government, compared with the 28 percent support for the Berlusconi government registered in its last week in power.

The appointment of a non elected administration under pressure from financial markets echoes what has happened in Greece, where former European Central Bank vice president Lucas Papademos now heads the government.

There has been widespread speculation that his government could fall early next year with Berlusconi center canada goose clearance sale right bloc expressing only conditional support and newspapers close to the former premier sniping at Monti.

However, Bersani said parliament would be held to account for any obstruction and he expected a greater sense of responsibility in the post Berlusconi era.

think parliament is going to feel more responsibility, more part of the process. It have Canada Goose online to justify Canada Goose sale itself to the public if it blocks this 2018 canada goose outlet government, he said.

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