However, the judges often seemed biased and even petty

April 18, 2018


The final three on

In between the segments about National Dance Day, Up 3 D and Gatorade (and no all star encore routine sadness), we actually had four tremendous solos from our remaining competitors on Thursday night You Think You Can Dance results show.

Each of them danced for their lives, even though the votes had already been cast. I actually preferred all of these routines to the group number by canada goose deals Dee Caspary, which came across as a bit of a jumbled mess.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief, as did judge Adam Shankman, when Cat Canada Goose Coats On Sale Deeley announced that Lauren would be in the finale. All of the judges broke out into applause at this news, canada goose black friday sale and it hardly a secret which dancer they pulling for to win it all.

I also found it intriguing that Nigel Lythgoe mentioned that the dancer with the most votes kept changing from week to week. Maybe Kent who has never Canada Goose Outlet been in the bottom three is not as inevitable after all? canada goose clearance (Kudos to Cat, however, for pointing out that his place in the final three was hardly a jaw dropper.)

Between AdeChike and Robert, it was anyone guess which one would make it to the finale. Both have escaped the bottom three a few times, as of late. The judges clearly felt that AdeChike was not making enough progress to get there, and it turned out that the audience agreed. I always remember Canada Goose online his hip hop routine with Comfort, and that should play very well on the tour (assuming Courtney steps in for Comfort).

So, it down to cheap Canada Goose Kent, Lauren and Robert. Who do you think should be America favorite dancer? canada goose clearance sale Do you think the voters made the right choice this week? Share your thoughts on video, or in Canada Goose sale the comments below.

I just read an article stating some bloggers believe Mia Michaels is a racist. Firstly, I like to say should be considered the “R word in that nobody needs to lable people with this term. It can be extremely damaging an assertion and should absolutely not be just thrown around by ignorant people who have no idea whether or canada goose coats on sale not someone actually is a racist. Doing so and should not be tolerated. Mia Michaels could Canada Goose Parka be out of a job as judge just because some idiots have (mis) colored the public percerption of her. That as bad as the racism of which she is accused.

I think Mia judged fairly; Adechike is a good dancer. He not buy canada goose jacket a fine dancer or a great dancer. He a technician, in my opinion, and somewhat robotic. He doesn seem to flow, doesn seem to get although he does get buy canada goose jacket cheap movement. And that’s the difference. There should be involvement of the heart and the soul married to good or, ideally, flawless technique. Adechike doesn get that and maybe he never will. And it doesn make Mia for pointing that out.

August 11, 2010 at 11:53 am

All of you all are miss the point the judges gave nothing but canada goose store praise to all the white dancers and gave the black dancer a

hard time what kind of comment is that you ran out of air at the end of your routine my husband and i laugh so much it

these people because they could not come up with nothing to said so they stand with each other and mia please do everyone a favor and go jump in the river not canada goose replica one black dancer and all four judges is out of touch or need glass they gave the black instruct bad comment but all the white teacher they were cheap Canada Goose Jackets perfect go back and look at the tapes judges.

if i was the black instructs i would tell all four of you all where but i don say though kind of words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but someone should say so black stay off(SYTYCD)YOU CAN BUT THEY WILL NEVER SAY canadian goose jacket officialcanadagoosesoutlet SO.

I would agree with questioning the quality of the judges. This season format did improve by pairing contestants with experienced dancers. However, the judges often seemed biased and even petty. I can forget the comment Canada Goose Jackets by judge Mia regarding how she so missed Alex when the audience disagreed with her harsh critique of Adechike. Great choreographer, but lacks the vocabulary and ability to constructively critique the dancers broadly. Often she falls back on descriptive words not giving any additional insight from a perspective.

August 8, 2010 at 12:30 pm

I think this is the right Canada Goose Online group, too. I think Kent 2018 canada goose outlet will win because of the teeny bopper vote but I would rather see Robert win because I think he is a more mature dancer and has really improved each week. Both Kent and Lauren have an advantage over Robert because they were featured each week during the audition process whereas Robert was not talked about canada goose until they selected the final 11. Viewers canada goose outlet toronto factory already were familiar with Kent Lauren and liked them both, so they get more votes. But Robert has won me over with his dancing each week and I wish he would win.

August 6, 2010 at 1:02 pm

Lauren should win, but Kent will win. Although they are about the same age, Lauren is leaps and bounds ahead of Kent in maturity. I think that is why she should win as they are both very good dancers technically and have improved every week, and both have charming personalities, her canada goose outlet store locations maturity level is surpassing Kent at the moment and that tips the scales in her favor for me. That will also make her very successful in the canada goose coats immediate future and much more of an all around marketable dancer. With a little bit more time to mature, Kent will be a force to be reckoned with. I have no doubt we be seeing him bringing down the house on Broadway one day and I would love to be there when he does!! As I am from Ohio, I do have a very soft spot for the Wapakoneta boy, and won be too upset if he pulls this off. But at my house, Lauren number will be the one we be dialing.

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