Head of the femur (femoral head

May 3, 2013


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Cool for about 15 minutes stirring occasionally. Pour over the cooled cake (bottom layer first) and let drip down the sides. Add top layer and repeat. Head of the femur (femoral head, or ball) Acetabulum (hip socket) Labrum composed of cartilage; sits on the edge of the acetabulum and extends almost all the way around the socket Capsule thick fibrous tissue that surrounds the hip joint Impingement (FAI) occurs when there is an abnormal shape to the bone on either the socket or the ball side of the joint. For example, the ball can have an extra boney “bump” or the socket can be too deep. In either case, the labrum is pinched (impinged upon) between the abnormal areas of bone, resulting in damage to the labrum or to the underlying cartilage within the socket.

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