[18]The word ptarmigan comes from the Scottish Gaelic trmachan

December 5, 2013


Rock ptarmigan

The rock ptarmigan is seasonally camouflaged; its feathers canada goose replica moult from white in winter to brown in spring or summer. The breeding male has greyish upper parts with white wings and under parts. In winter, https://www.arconserve.ca its plumage becomes completely white except for the black tail. It can be distinguished from the winter willow ptarmigan (willow ptarmigan in North America) canada goose by habitat the rock ptarmigan prefers higher elevations and more barren canadian goose jacket habitat; it is also smaller with a more delicate bill.Habitat and range[edit]The rock ptarmigan is a sedentary species which breeds across arctic and subarctic Eurasia and North America (including Greenland) on rocky mountainsides and tundra. It is widespread in the Arctic Cordillera and is found in isolated populations in 2018 canada goose outlet the mountains of Scotland, canada goose coats the Pyrenees, buy canada goose jacket the Alps, Bulgaria, the Urals, the Pamir Mountains, the Altay Mountains, and Japan where it occurs only in the Japan Alps and on Hakusan mountain.[7] Because of the canada goose store remote habitat in which it lives, Canada Goose Jackets it has only a few predators such as golden eagles and it can be surprisingly approachable. It has been cheap Canada Goose introduced to Canada Goose Parka New Zealand, South Georgia, the Kerguelen Islands, and the Crozet Islands.[8]The small population living on Franz Josef Land in canada goose clearance sale the Russian Canada Goose Coats On Sale High Arctic overwinters during the polar night and survives by feeding on rich vegetation on and underneath high cliffs where seabird colonies are canada goose clearance located in summer.[9]During the last ice age, the species was far more widespread in continental Europe.[10]The rock ptarmigan feeds primarily on birch and Canada Goose online willow buds and catkins when available. It also eats various seeds, leaves, flowers, and berries of other cheap Canada Goose Jackets plant species. Studies on other grouses have shown that much variation in comb size Canada Goose Online and colour exists between the species,[11] and that the comb is used in courtship display and aggressive interactions between males.[12] Many studies have shown that there is a canada goose coats on sale strong correlation between the comb size and the level of testosterone in males;[13] one report from 1981 showed that the amount of testosterone is correlated to aggressiveness against other males.[14]The male’s comb has been the focus of studies regarding sexual selection. Studies of a population of male rock ptarmigans in Scarpa Lake, Nunavut, have shown that during the first year, mating success among males was influenced by comb size and condition, and bigamous males had larger combs than monogamous males. The correlation to size disappeared after the first year, but the correlation to comb condition remained.[15] This is consistent with another study of the same population of L. muta that showed that mating success overall is correlated to comb condition. Exceptions were first time breeders, in which the size of the comb influenced mating success.[16]The species name, muta, Canada Goose sale comes from New Latin and means “mute”, referring canada goose outlet toronto factory to the simple croaking canada goose black friday sale song of the male.[17] It was for a long time misspelt mutus, in the erroneous belief that the ending of Lagopus denotes masculine gender. However, as the Ancient Greek term is of feminine gender, and the species name has to agree with that, the feminine muta is correct.[18]The word ptarmigan comes from the Scottish Gaelic trmachan, literally croaker.[19] The silent initial p was added in 1684 by Robert Sibbald through the influence of canada goose deals Greek, especially pteron (), “wing”, “feather”, or “pinion”.[19]Rock ptarmigan meat is a popular part of festive meals in Icelandic cuisine. Hunting of rock ptarmigans was banned in Iceland in 2003 and 2004 due to its declining population. Hunting has been allowed again since buy canada goose jacket cheap 2005, but is restricted to selected days, which Canada Goose Outlet are revised yearly and all trade of rock ptarmigan is illegal.[20]In Thomas Bewick’s A History of British Birds (1797) the species is named as “White Grouse” with alternatives “White Game, or Ptarmigan”. The birds feed, records Bewick, “on the wild productions of the hills, which sometimes give the canada goose outlet store locations flesh a bitter, but not unpalatable taste: it is dark coloured, and has somewhat the flavour of the hare.”[21].

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